Published on :   03/14/2019

Manager at the service of passenger comfort and safety.

oday, discover with us the backstage of life aboard our ships. Discover the person who works to provide you with the best possible experience during your cruise: the cruise director.

The cruise director (m/f) is, with the captain, the manager on the ship. It is he (or she) who greets passengers when they board, surrounded by his team composed of cooks, waiters, bartenders, cabin hosts, lighters and entertainers. Male or female, you recognize him by his strict uniform that says a lot about his role and responsibilities.

Manager of the people, he(she) organizes the work of his(her) collaborators on the boat, orchestrates the cruise, ensures - in collaboration with the navigation team - that the navigation & stopover schedules are respected, together with the departure/return of passengers on board during the excursions, and finally makes it a point of honour to satisfy the passengers.

This very specialized and versatile position requires the ability to speak at least three languages in order to be able to respond to the widest possible audience.

As a manager, and in constant contact with customers, he/she develops good reflexes in terms of safety and troubleshooting.

A cruise director also operates more discreetly, on more administrative matters such as the management of his on-board staff, stocks and purchases related to the ship's needs.

The reception of the MS Renoir

As you will have understood, the cruise director (the "combo" in sailor's jargon) is a key character on board our ships. In other words, your ideal contact person.

Nothing must escape the cruise director. Every detail counts so that "the cruise has fun" without false marks, since for us the customer is at the heart of our attention.