Published on :   05/06/2016

On the Garonne Dinking the Perfect Cocktail

Author – Susie McDonald 

When we go on vacation we like to enjoy adult beverages; at Lake Powell we love ice-cold margaritas, in Barcelona there is nothing better than a glass of sangria with a table full of tapas, and now I can say we love mimosas in the late morning on the roof of the Princesse d’Aquitaine

On day two of our five-day river cruise through the picturesque Bordeaux wine region we decided we wanted a little vacation indulgence before lunch. The morning was idyllic, the boat departed from Pauillac early in the morning when we were just waking up. The trip took us up the Garonne towards the mouth of the Atlantic. My family and I took up lounge chairs on the roof of the boat after breakfast. The warm May sun had us all taking off our jackets and rolling up our pants to enjoy the sunshine in no time. 

The view along the riverside had us all captivated as we watched the white cliffs sides slowly pass by. By late morning the warm sun had us all craving a cold adult beverage. After some brief brainstorming we decided mimosas would be ideal. I headed down to the bar and asked Renate for a round of mimosas. She looked at me with a smile and politely asked me to repeat my order. After asking again she declared she had never heard of a “mimosa”.   

One of the best things about the trip so far has been the real European experience on board and the way the staff has adapted to all our needs. We have been traveling around wine country with French, German and Spanish travelers. With the diverse group on the boat, the staff is constantly trying to hone each groups experience to each cultures needs and desires. This meant when I requested a round of mimosas, Renate was eager to learn the recipe. 

Garonne Mimosa Recipe: 

2 Parts Sparkling Wine 

1 Part French Orange Juice 

Served in a Tall Glass (Champagne glasses aren’t recommended on the roof of the boat)

The view, the sun and the mimosa’s made day two’s morning memorable and really enjoyable. I am looking forward to teaching Renate another American cocktail tonight. 

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