Published on :   05/06/2015

Meet your new Photo Reporter!

With two weeks to go until the official start of the Photo Tour, I figure it’s time that I finally introduce myself. Hello world! My name is Christina Guan and this summer, I’ll be cruising my way through 14 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia as CroisiEurope’s Photo Reporter. There are no words to describe how excited I am for the months to come, and to share this experience with you all. To kick things off, I wanted to tell you a bit about who I am, what I love and what you can expect from me this summer.

phototour_croisieurope_gelato.jpgFirst thing’s first, I’m a 4th year student studying Communication and Business at Simon Fraser University. I was born and raised in the incredible city of Vancouver, where I spend my days eating sushi, taking long photo walks and making up excuses to go outside! I’m happiest when I’m exploring new places with a gelato in hand, so you can say I’m very excited for a summer of both these things with CroisiEurope.

I’ve been flexing my creative muscles ever since I was a kid. Luckily, I’ve since traded in my crayons for Instagram filters, and have gotten a lot better at telling stories. Whether it’s meticulously editing every photo or spending hours crafting the perfect blog post, I promise I’ll do my best to bring my experiences to life and make you feel like you’re right there next to me. In addition to writing and photography, I love graphic design, video production and anything DIY-related, so maybe you’ll get a glimpse of those sides of me as well.

Now, a lot of people ask me why I’m so obsessed with traveling, and the answer is simple: travel is the ultimate learning experience. It forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you open your mind to new sights, people and perspectives. Traveling inspires you to live more fearlessly, to say “yes!” more often and to slow down and enjoy the world a whole lot more, and that’s why I love it so much.


In exactly two weeks, this crazy journey will begin in the romantic city of Paris, where I intend to enjoy my fair share of crepes, macarons and wine! Until that magical day, I will be frantically packing, soaking in time with loved ones, and perusing Pinterest with every spare second I have. Thanks to CroisiEurope and Air France, my dreams are coming true and I couldn’t be more ready for it to all start. Every day, I’ll be sharing my experience through social media and of course, posting daily on this blog so you all know what I’m up to. The Internet can be a lonely place, so I hope you’ll all be here to keep me company, and follow along every step of the way.


So, what do you say? Let’s go see the world!


Talk to you all soon,