Published on :   05/20/2015

My First Day Aboard the M.S. France

“We’re going to find you a husband by the end of this cruise.”

My first official day of CroisiEurope Photo Tour, and already I’ve got a team of passengers ready to wife me up! It has been an absolutely crazy day aboard the M.S. France, which will take me up the Seine River to les Andelys, Rouen, Honfleur and Duclair. I was so excited about this river cruise, not only because it departs in Paris (one of my favourite cities), but also because it’ll take me up to Normandy, a region of France that I’ve always wanted to see.

With check-in at 5pm, I had a full half-day to explore Paris on my own. After reuniting with my long lost friend, the Parisian baguette, I trekked around the city, visiting sights like the Eiffel Tower and Palais Garnier. It was my first time inside the famed Paris Opera House, and it was absolutely stunning! I would recommend for anyone to see it – no lines, cheap admission rate and gorgeous interior.

When I returned to the cruise (docked only 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower), I was greeted by the Cruise Director, Mike, who started my stay with a room upgrade! After a bit of unpacking and lazily lying on my comfy bed, I joined the other passengers for the welcome cocktail reception and crew introduction.

If I could pick one word to sum up the crew presentation, it would be adorable. Every bit was given in French and English, so nobody had trouble understanding, and the choice of fun music when crew members came out was just perfect. My favourite was when the bartenders ran out to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. You can really tell that the crew is friendly and ready for a good time!

Near the end of the presentation, our on-board chef read us the menu for the night and we were off to the Dining Room for dinner. My expectations for food were high, and I was not disappointed! My entire table was gushing about how great everything tasted, and I had to agree. Just see this beauty for yourself:

With three course meals like this everyday, I’m very glad I brought my running shoes.

Last but not least, I have to mention my amazing dinner companions. At the start of the cruise, we had to reserve tables for dinner, and luckily, the crew helped seat me with fellow English speakers. To be honest, one of my biggest fears going into this experience was that I wouldn’t make friends on board, but let me tell you: the passengers are here to make friends and have a good time! Sitting with two great couples (one from Canada and one from Scotland), I found myself engrossed in a dynamic conversation about life, travel and… finding me a husband, apparently. In just an hour and a half, I heard crazy tales spanning from all over the globe, from Buenos Aires to remote towns in Northern Japan. As I laughed along to their stories and life tips, I realized that I would be in great company for this first cruise. In fact, the conversation went so well that we were almost the last table to leave!

So, what’s next? Well, we’ll be cruising overnight and will arrive at les Andelys tomorrow! I am so excited to take in the views as we cruise, but hey, so far so good:

With that said, I should probably get some rest for the big day ahead. Will my dinner mates be successful in finding me a husband? Well, you’ll only find out if you follow the blog! I’ll be posting each day that I cruise, so be sure to check back! I’ll also be uploading all sorts of photos and goodies on social media, so check us out on: