Published on :   04/20/2023

Sailing Toward a Sustainable Future

Water Filtration System on our European River Cruise Fleet


This Earth Day, CroisiEurope is proud to announce the elimination of plastic water bottles across our European River Cruise fleet.

Ninety percent of CroisiEurope's fifty-one ship fleet have been equipped with state of the art water filtration systems, which use carbon filters and UV light to purify water. The water can then be bottled on board, or used to fill individual water flasks. We plan to implement these systems on all ships by the end of the 2023 season. This initiative will save more than 30 tons of plastic per year.

This is just one of many steps CroisiEurope has taken to lower our carbon footprint, and to ensure a better future for the environment, the rivers we navigate, and the next generation of cruise guests.

Read more about CroisiEurope's green initiatives here: