Published on :   11/09/2018

From Switzerland to Holland, discover the Rhine from finish to end

The Rhine under a new light

Switzerland, France (Alsace), Germany, the Netherlands…The MS Lafayette sails the Rhine in 9 days, from Basel to Amsterdam, since spring 2014. The Rhine had always had an irresistible and unique charm, and fascinated writers and poets, like Victor Hugo, Guillaume Apollinaire or Goethe. Let’s have a close look at the various river cruise itineraries on the Rhine

The Rhine all year round

An amazing voyage on a legendary river, this is what a river cruise on the Rhine has in store for you. Famous for being one of the longest rivers in Europe, being 1300 km (807 miles) long, the Rhine can be navigated on 833km (517 miles).

The Rhine’s numerous tributaries inspire the various itineraries put together to let you discover different cultures and territories. Countless combinations make the Rhine a river that has something for everyone and throughout the seasons! In spring time, with the tulips in bloom in Holland, in the summer with on lush scenery on the river banks, in autumn when all the wine and food festivals take place after harvesting, and in the winter, during the end of year holiday traditions, complete with the numerous Christmas Markets

The Romantic Rhine winds through the Mosel Valley, including the towns of Mains, Koblenz and Cochem, a stretch that’s also famous for the medieval castles dotting the landscape. The cruise on the Neckar river takes you all the way to historic town of Heidelberg

The Rhine spans the Southern part of Germany. Conversely, a cruise from Berlin to Amsterdam takes you through the Northern part of Germany on the Elbe and the Havel rivers to explore imperial towns and cities, some of the hanseatic heritage.  

Descending and ascending the Rhine

The cruises from Amsterdam to Basel and reverse from Basel to Amsterdam, are the first ones that let you explore the Rhine and most of the countries, which it flows through on the sailable part of the river. Each port of call along the way is a historic and cultural milestone, combined with spectacular landscapes made up of quaint villages, orchards, vineyards and legendary medieval castles.

Here is a sample of what’s in store for you:

  • Cruise From or to Holland, all the way to or from the region of the country where France, Germany and Switzerland meet.  
  • Discover Strasbourg, the European capital, its remarkable history, architecture spanning several areas from medieval times to the XXth Century, including the Petite France quarter.
  • Enjoy a stopover in Mainz, the famous capital of Rhineland Palatinate, and pay a visit to Koblenz in the Romantic Rhine Valley offering an extensive cultural and religious heritage
  • And of course, discover Amsterdam in Holland, also referred to as the Venice of the North, with its very unique character combining beautifully past and present times
  • Enjoy the Rhine falls, a natural masterpiece

On board the MS Lafayette 

What is the MS Lafayette? It is the boat that proudly carries the name of the French aristocrat, military and political figure, who played a prominent role in the American War of Independence.

CroisiEurope river cruises also gained its independence as a shipowner from 1990 and is keen to pay tribute to French prestige with its high level fleet. 

The MS Lafayette is a 2 deck ship with a capacity of 80 passengers. It was renovated by the company’s technicians, owing to their long standing expertise in fitting, looking after and entirely redesigning the cruise line’s boats, alongside local small businesses. 

It is equipped with modern and environmentally friendly technology to offer the best river cruising experience to passengers all year round. 

The number of cabins is reduced in order to increase the size of the cabins, which go from 16 to 30 square meters. They are also fitted with large up to 3 meter long floor to ceiling windows, in order to offer passengers a panoramic view of the river and the scenery passing by. Flat screen televisions, safe, hair dryer, separate air conditioning system: the cabins offer the amenities of a high standard hotel room. The shower room in each cabin has been designed to maximum comfort. The restaurant, bar and sun deck share with the cabin the luxury, modern and stylish interior design, for a contemporary look and feel.

The LED lighting, thick carpets, colorful lights, sophisticated materials make the MS Lafayette a Premium ship in the cruise line fleet. It exclusively sails the Rhine between Basel and Amsterdam. 


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