Published on :   01/21/2019

CroisiEurope takes you to the Carnival of Venice

The city of Venice is an exceptional destination. Between its architecture from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and its lagoon with its waters navigated by local gondolas, the Italian city is not lacking in arguments. However, from February 23rd to March 5th 2019, you will be able to discover a brand new face of Venice, a face hidden under a Carnival mask.

The schedule of the Venice Carnival

It is difficult to give a precise origin to the Venice Carnival. However, historians agree that his birth was around 1269, the date on which the costume was authorized. The objective of this celebration was to go against the usual social placement. Thus, a poor person could claim to be rich through his mask, and vice versa.

The tradition was interrupted by Napoleon Bonaparte who feared that the people of Venice would use the anonymity of the masks and costumes to conspire against him. It was not until the 1970s that Carnival was truly revived. 10 years later, in 1980, Carnival was officially reintroduced. Today this festival has become one of the most important in the city and it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world to the heart of the lagoon.

It is during 10 days that the city will live its Carnival. On the first day you will be able to attend the procession of the Feast of Mary where 12 of Venice's most beautiful women will march through the city to Piazza San Marco where a vote will elect the Mary of the Year. You can also admire the famous "Flight of the Angel" where the Mary of the previous year will plunge into the void in an acrobatics that has become a tradition.

During the whole duration of the Carnival you will be able to find within the city a large number of costumes and masks, the latter will not fail to impress you by the quality and the multitude of colors they contain. You will therefore have the choice between the complete disguise, the mask or you can simply walk around the city admiring the costumes and decorations you will find there.

If you are a photography lover, you can take this opportunity to capture all the magic of the city and its costumes.

Discover the Venice Carnival on a cruise.

CroisiEurope takes you to the Venice Carnival with an exceptional itinerary in the heart of the city and its magic. In a 5-day package aboard the MS Michelangelo, enjoy the city and its surroundings like Chioggia, Murano and Burano. You can visit the Doge's Palace and the Venice of Casanova. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the lake city and enjoy the treasures it has to offer. Between the craftsmanship, architecture and particularity of this Venetian lagoon, our excursions will allow you to enrich yourself as much as possible with what Venice has to offer. So take this unique opportunity to discover the Venice Carnival in an All-Inclusive cruise.

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