Published on :   03/17/2015

What's Cooking? Interview with CroisiEurope Head Chef Alain Bohn

On CroisiEurope's cruises, you will experience some of the best French cuisine you have ever tasted. Every meal served on its fleet is approved by Head Chef Alain Bohn, who has been with the company for several years. Recently, we talked to Mr. Bohn so we could provide guests with more information about CroisiEurope's cuisine and culture:


What is your name and title?

Alain Bohn, Head Chef of CroisiEurope


What formal training do you have as a chef? 

I received a CAP Vocational Training Certificate in Cooking and a Professional Aptitude Certificate in Culinary Arts. After my CAP, I traveled for several years to gain experience in kitchens around France and Germany. I have received many French accreditations as a chef since then. Most recently, I was nominated as a member of the Master Chefs of France.

How long have you worked for CroisiEurope?

I have been working for CroisiEurope for 25 years now, which has allowed me to grow with the company. The company had only four ships when I started, and now it has 43 ships! I am really proud and happy that I still occupy this position and its responsibilities.

What are some of your essential job duties?

I manage the entire team of cooks operating on the CroisiEurope fleet. I also create new recipes, design the menus, and I work closely with all the suppliers for the company. Everything served on the ships must be approved by me so I can assure that the quality is superior.

What is your mission as Head Chef of CroisiEurope?

My goal is to deliver the same quality cuisine over the entire fleet, while allowing cooks in the team to be creative and to make sure locale foods are represented alongside typical French cuisine.

What's been one of your favorite experiences working for CroisiEurope?

As part of the Gourmet cruises, I got the chance to work with some of most famous French chefs in the world, including Paul Bocuse, Marc Haeberlin, Emile Jung and Philippe Etchebest!

What kind of meals can CroisiEurope guests expect to experience?

They can expect a comprehensive self-serve buffet for breakfast every morning, and a fixed 3-course meal for lunch and dinner every day. These meals feature some of the best French and European cuisine made from fresh and local ingredients. Free beverages, including fine wine, is also included with every meal.


What are some of the French food options that CroisiEurope chefs prepare?

One item we prepare is foie gras, which is a popular delicacy in France. It's the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened to give it a rich, buttery, and delicate taste. A few other French options we offer are beef wellington filet and cod fillets.

What are some of the French desserts offered? 

We prepare and serve Baked Alaska, which is a dessert consisting of ice cream, cake, and brown meringue. Guests are usually very impressed with it because they get to see how the chefs flambé the desert with Grand Marnier. We also prepare a delicious Strawberry and Rhubarb Mousse.


How do Americans typically react to the French cuisine experience? 

They usually love it--the French cuisine is part of the flair and novelty of traveling with CroisiEurope!

How do you work with guests that have food allergies or dietary needs? 

If you state your specific needs at the time you make your reservation, we are happy to assist you with a menu that will meet your needs.