Cruise through France, Germany and Switzerland and travel aboard the Glacier express

The Glacier Express is truly a must-see. It'st a train like no other. Its comfortable carriages, with their large bay windows, allow you to contemplate the magnificently rich and varied panoramas of the Swiss Alps. A unique journey into the heart of an incrediable and preserved nature reserve, a few magical hours of pure visual pleasure ! In addition, thre are visits to the Rhine Falls and Lake Constance. Germany will reveal to you the fabulous landscapes of Mainau Island. This trip ends with a cruise to Strasbourg.

Many jewels to discover, absolutely!


An exceptional cruise through the most beautiful regions of three different countries

STRASBOURG - BREISACH - Mulhouse - BASEL - The Glacier Express - BASEL - Lake Constance - The Rhine Falls - BASEL - STRASBOURG

Embark on a breath-taking cruise in the heart of Switzerland and experience unforgettable moments. You will travel to the island of Mainau, an island of extreme natural beauty. We also take you to the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall, and hop aboard the Glacier Express, which will take you through some of the most beautiful regions of the Alps on a scenic train ride.

Next departures:  06/08/2024, 06/22/2024
5 Days
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