Excursions on river cruises outside Europe

Come join us, as we trace back the steps, of some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. On the Mekong, a river with historical significance, we will take you from Ho Chi Minh City, old colonial city, to the heart of a rich and wild jungle. Also, visit every nook and cranny of the majestic temples of Angkor Wat.

In southern Africa, you will visit Johannesburg, where our guides will lead you in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela. You will see his birthplace and, if you choose to, the Robben Island, where he was long detained. Then you will go in search of the largest animals during a land and water safari around Lake Kariba and in the Chobe Natural Park. So that you make the most of your stay at the end of the world, it is also offered, among all our excursions, to meet the locals and share with them a piece of their traditions.