Ship Owner Since 1990

In 1990, thanks to its success, the company Alsace Cruises took on the status of ship owner and built its first boat: the MS Liberté. This elegant ship, with its exclusive line, predetermined the fleet that was born and which today has 50 boats around the world. MS Liberté would sail on the Rhine and its tributaries, where it all began.

The boats, built in Namur, Belgium, in St-Nazaire, France and in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam (Triyards) designed by the respective shipbuilding companies, arrive one after the other as destinations expand to the Rhône, Saône, Danube and the Seine.

In addition to the freedom to navigate the boat as he sees fit, the ship owner now controls the fleet from end to end: from construction, marketing, logistics and control of all services on board.

Result: Alsace Croisières offers one of the best values for money.