Published on :   04/20/2015
Double cabin with separate beds

Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Ancenis, Angers, the Castles of the Loire, Saumur,

Bouchemaine, Ancenis, Nantes

CroisiEurope innovates yet again as it unveils a new vessel concept for cruising the Loire, the longest river in France boasting an abundance of UNESCO heritage sites, which is inspired by an ancient technique - the paddle wheel.

It is worth noting that the debut of the MS Loire Princesse will be the first time that a cruise vessel with cabins has ever cruised along the Loire. This new type of craft is 295 feet long and 49 feet wide, with three decks. It has 48 spacious outside cabins (161 ft²) and can accommodate up to 96 passengers. On the upper deck, the cabins have lovely balconies (10ft x 4ft) and rooms are equipped with the latest technology, including Wi-Fi on board, individually controlled combined air-conditioning/heating, plasma screen TV, radio, hair dryer, safe, mini bar and bathroom facilities. A splendid restaurant can easily accommodate passengers for single-service dining. A huge lounge bar with central dance floor is a pleasant area to mingle with other passengers while the large sun deck is an ideal place to relax. The elegant décor in contemporary colors is in perfect harmony with the good spirit on board. Labelled the “Green Ship”, the MS Loire Princesse was created with ecological designs having great respect for the environment.

The MS Loire Princesse will begin offering 6 to 8 day cruises in April 2015, visiting places in the Pays de la Loire region, with great potential as an area ideal to satisfy the demand of tourists in search of culture and originality. Many of the sites are UNESCO-designated, including Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Ancenis, Angers, the Castles of the Loire, Saumur and Bouchemaine.

CroisiEurope chose to build the craft with companies that are part of the Neopolia Marine group, in partnership with the Saint Nazaire Shipyards (STX France), where the finest ocean liners in the world are built. The architect and design studio Stirling Design International is in charge of the design development

for this new kind of liner.

All the participants in the Pays de la Loire region who are part of this project, whether they are involved on an economic or tourist front, have welcomed the company wholeheartedly and put all their resources at the company’s disposition to fine tune this original offer:

As ever with CroisiEurope, their trump card is undoubtedly their ability to put offers together at the fairest prices. They are able to meet this challenge as they have complete control over every element of the entire fleet, from beginning to end. From the initial design to the production, including hotel and sales management, maintenance, purchasing and development, the company is fully responsible for all these services thanks to its 1200 permanent staff. This feat allows them to rationalize their costs as much as possible and offer cruises 30% cheaper than any other operator offering similar products.

With its fine fleet cruising on the loveliest rivers in Europe, combined with this new and innovative ambitious project, the company is showing its creativity and dynamism in river tourism after 38 years of professionalism in the business.

About CroisiEurope

Established in 1976, CroisiEurope has been a leader in affordable European river cruises for nearly 40 years. Based in Strasbourg, France, CroisiEurope is headquartered at the epicenter of Europe with offices in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Brussels, Lausanne, Madrid, London and New York City. With an English-speaking crew of 700 people, this family owned company operates almost 40 vessels that sail along Europe’s most famous rivers. Passengers can choose from a variety of itineraries that explore picturesque riverside cities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium while treating guests to on-board dining menus designed alongside Michelin-starred chefs. Today, CroisiEurope offers cruises not only in Europe but also along the Mediterranean coast, Vietnam and Cambodia.


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