Published on :   03/15/2023

Fellow cruisers,

In this March edition, we're excited to share our latest news with you!

First, we'll discuss the new summer fly cruise offers that are now available. These packages provide a seamless and hassle-free vacation experience from New York to Paris and back, making it easier for you to plan your next adventure.

If you are already on the lookout for the ideal family holiday this summer, we are delighted to present our 2023 CroisiFamily programs

Lastly, before looking back to our February events, let's take a closer look at boat lifts, technological marvels that you can experience on some of our itineraries. We'll explore how they work and the different types of boat lifts that exist.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this edition of our CroisiMag as we take you on a journey through the world of travel and adventure.


Fly free to France this Summer:

Exciting news for our fellow cruisers! We've designed some Fly-cruise offers for Summer 2023, providing a seamless and worry-free holiday experience. These packages include flights and cruises, with everything from transportation to accommodation taken care of.

With flights included, you can relax and start your holiday the moment you leave your front door.



Prepare your Summer Vacation!

We are pleased to offer our cruises on board our boats transformed into floating hotel-clubs during the summer holidays!

Our CroisiFamily packages guarantee the comfort and tranquility of a cruise, and enjoyment for the whole family. Family cruises feature discounts for children and specialty excursions - great for families of all shapes and sizes.A unique travel experience that allows adults and children to create unforgettable memories. The ideal opportunity to share privileged moments and moments of quality across generations.



Focus on boat lifts!

There are 16 boat lifts in Europe, including 6 in France. Real technological feats, these mechanical devices allow ships to overcome significant differences in water levels, thus replacing many locks.

These structures are also much faster and require less water consumption than a lock.

There are different types of lifts: 

  • Vertical boat lifts, through which the boat is moved up or down
  • Inclined planes, which move the boat diagonally along a slope
  • Rotating boat lifts, where the boat is moved up or down by pivoting around a metal axis;
  • Caisson lifts, where the volume of water will lower or raise the boat, similar to a lock but overcoming a much greater level of difference in elevation.

Some vessels in our fleet, due to their adapted dimensions, cross 3 to 16 European boat lifts each year: 

The inclined plane of


On the Marne-Rhine Canal, in France


The Niederfinow boat lift

Along the Oder, in Germany


The Scharnebeck boat lift

Along the Elbe, in Germany


Our Events

Green Award Label

Five ships of the Rhine/Danube fleet (La Fayette, Victor Hugo, Gérard Schmitter, Symphonie and La Bohème) have already acquired the GREENAWARD label.

By the end of the year, after a campaign to measure exhaust emissions, the entire fleet will be certified and will have obtained this quality label.

Carnival on board!

In February, the atmosphere was festive aboard the Michelangelo and La Belle de Cadiz, in celebration of Carnival!

Discover our brand-new video along the Rhone

and the Saone, from Lyon to Martigues

MS Van Gogh

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