Published on :   06/21/2019

Thailand and Malaysia, our new sea program 

As we mentioned earlier, CroisiEurope recently acquired a new maritime vessel: MV LA BELLE DES OCEANS, a prestigious vessel well known in the cruise industry as Silver Discoverer. It has already travelled many seas and oceans around the world and will contribute to the development of new and exceptional destinations.

The ship will join our fleet next October and will start cruises between Thailand and Malaysia. Embark on board the MV LA BELLE DES OCEANS for an exceptional itinerary between Singapore and Phuket (or the other way around). This cruise offers a complete immersion in a continent where millenary history meets culture, ancestral traditions, breathtaking panoramas and pristine sandy beaches. Three countries are on the programme for this unique itinerary: the Republic of Singapore, the famous "garden city", Malaysia with its many aspects and Thailand with its landscapes straight out of the postcards! 

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This boat will also take you to discover other magnificent destinations, including the following first steps, before returning to its summer home port in Quebec City.

  • The authentic India tour in 13 days
  • Abu Dhabi to Oman: 10-day cruise
  • Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Cyprus: 10-day cruise
  • From Cyprus and Athens: 9-day cruise
  • From Athens to Naples: 8-day cruise
  • From Naples to Nice: 8-day cruise
  • Tour of Corsica: 8-day cruise -4 dates
  • From Ajaccio to Lisbon: 12-day cruise
  • Lisbon, Madeira and the Azores: 9-day cruise
  • From Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon to Quebec City: 10-day cruise

Summer home port, the ship will take you to discover St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario between Quebec City and Toronto on a magnificent 10-day cruise, available from June to October 2020.

The Rhône - the ancient river 

The Rhône originates in the Helvetian region of Furka, in the Gotthard massif, at an altitude of 2,209 m. Its route merges with Lake Geneva, then joins France and flows through the delta of the same name into the Mediterranean Sea. It is 812 km long, of which 290 km is located in Switzerland.

Fast river, carrying many alluvium, it was difficult to navigate but it leads men to surpass themselves to tame it and especially to cross it!

The Rhône axis has become one of the major axes of European traffic, particularly on the Mediterranean-Northern Europe line, the development of the river has proved to be necessary.

Many archaeological excavations have uncovered traces of occupation since prehistoric times and antiquity, tin, copper or northern skins are exchanged for goods from the East and the Mediterranean (ivory, spices, fabrics, etc.). It became a means of commercial development in Roman times, with the transport of wine, tableware, salt, but also weapons and fabrics, enabling the development of cities such as Arles, Avignon, Lyon and Vienne, which also benefited from their geographical advantage at the crossroads of the Rhône.

CroisiEurope began the "conquest" of this river in 1995, today the Company offers cruises ranging from 3 to 11 days along this river rich in natural architectural and cultural jewels on board 4 boats: the MS Van Gogh, the MS Camargue, the MS Mistral and the MS Rhône Princess. There is no doubt that this trip will take you to the heart of some of the most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in France, as well as to discover the mythical cities of Arles, Avignon, Montélimar, Lyon and Valence.

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The Rouen Armada

On the occasion of the Armada de Rouen, one of the largest gatherings of sailboats, boats and military ships, CroisiEurope is sponsoring the creation of a work of art created by Jean-Baptiste Sauvage in the code of Operation Razzle Dazzle #4, in partnership with the association Le Sens de la Barge et Normandie Impressionniste. 

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