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  • Night-time boat trip through Strasbourg
  • Hops trail
  • Haut-Barr Castle
  • Saverne
  • Sarrebourg


This shore excursion is available for one or several cruises

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Venice, the Lagoon islands and the Pô Delta

Next departures: 06/27/2019, 09/01/2019

VENICE - Burano and Murano - VENICE - CHIOGGIA (or surroundings) - TAGLIO DI PÔ - POLESELLA - TAGLIO DI PÔ - CHIOGGIA (or surroundings) - VENICE

The birth place of the Renaissance, discover the region of Veneto and all the treasures it has to offer. Visit Venice, its famous square San Marco and its Doge's Palace, and discover unique towns such as Padua, Bologna and Ferrara, a medieval citadel.

7 Days FROM $ 2,126 PP
Departure 06/17/2019
Arrival 06/23/2019
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD
Sold out
Departure 06/27/2019
Arrival 07/03/2019
FROM $ 2,126 PP
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD
Departure 09/01/2019
Arrival 09/07/2019
FROM $ 2,126 PP
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD
Departure 09/11/2019
Arrival 09/17/2019
FROM $ 2,126 PP
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD
Departure 09/21/2019
Arrival 09/27/2019
FROM $ 2,126 PP
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD
Departure 10/01/2019
Arrival 10/07/2019
FROM $ 2,126 PP
Ship : MS Michelangelo Ship category : STANDARD

* Price based on double occupancy

Shore Excursions

Guided visit of Haut Barr castle

Enjoy unrivalled views over the Alsace plain from the Haut-Barr Castle, often called "the Eye of Alsace”. Constructed in 1170, it was transformed and restored during the 14th century. It was built at an altitude of 470 metres on 3 wide rocks li...

Duration 2h30 Classic

Lehrer Crystal Glassworks

Within a short walking distance of the Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane, you'll visit the Lehrer Crystal Glassworks. Located next to the inclined plane for over 25 years, the crystal glassworks will allow you to discover the secrets of glassb...

Duration 2h15 Classic

Boat tour of Strasbourg

Set off by coach for the pier in downtown Strasbourg where you will board a panoramic boat which will take you to the famous district of the Petite France. Its canals, charming houses with colored, half-timbered walls and narrow alleyways will enchan...

Duration 2h30 Classic

The Hops Trail in Waltenheim

Set off by coach from Waltenheim to Wingersheim for a walking tour along the Hops Trail. Once you've reached the Wingersheim Town Hall, you will board a converted trailer pulled by a tractor for a visit of the village. You'll also get to trav...

Duration 3h00 Classic

Guided tour of Saverne

Departure for a guided tour of Saverne, a lesser known town despite its many places to see and admire. The town has preserved many relics from its past. Founded in Roman times, Saverne was the former residence of the Bishops of Strasbourg. This town...

Duration 2h00 Classic

Guided tour of Sarrebourg

Set off from the port of Houillon by coach and head to Sarrebourg. Sarrebourg, located at the gates of the Vosges and Alsace, is a town with a rich diversity of attractions. Its historic and cultural heritage holds many unexpected treasures. The town...

Duration 3h00 Classic

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